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Italy on the Cheap: Our favorite budget hotels in Siena

Captivating Siena. Located in the center of Tuscany, Siena is well-loved by tourists and locals alike. Throughout the city, you’ll find evidence of its medieval past. Siena’s architecture and art are greatly celebrated, and there is no shortage of sights to see on your trip, from visiting a museum to taking a hike for sweeping […]


5 Reasons Why AirBnB is the Best Lodging Choice for Families in London

Planning a family trip to London? The most important decision you’ll make is where to stay. There are plenty of hotel rooms (over 149,000!), but Optimism TravelingMom suggests you consider booking a flat with Airbnb. She thinks it’s the best lodging choice for families. Your first question may be “Why?” Your second? “What’s a flat?” […]


8 incredible natural attractions by train

It’s true that trains can deliver you into the heart of most of Europe’s famous big cities. And many people make an effort to travel to natural attractions you can reach by train. But if you simply want to see incredible features from the window of a train, there are several natural landmarks and features […]


What’s it like to take a Primera Air transatlantic flight

Flying Primera? Read our tips before taking off. Photo: Victor The budget options for flying between Europe and the US just keep getting better and better. Primera is the latest airline to join the swell of low-cost carriers (like Norwegian, XL, and Wow) charging fares as low as $99 for a one-way ticket. But is […]


Why You Should Wander London with Kids

London is one of the most famous, interesting, and popular cities in the world with good reason. Filled with amazing history, culture, and neighborhoods, discover London and its vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere. But while it may be a big city, it is easy to navigate, use public transportation, and find many sights that are free […]


Train trips that’ll keep you coming back for more: Central Europe

I returned from my first Eurail trip only to be met with the predictable questions. Those about settling down, focusing on the real world, and growing up. And for the first few weeks, I reveled in the predictability of home, and the regaling of my friends with stories from the tracks. But soon the memories started […]


Paris: How to experience the French Open on a budget

The action on the clay courts of Roland Garros. The French Open takes place every spring, from late May to early June, at the Roland Garros tennis venue in Paris. The best players in the world set foot on the famous red clay courts as stylish Parisians and tennis fans cheer them on. It’s a […]


7 Amazing Things You’ll See On The Harry Potter Studios Tour In London

Planning a trip to London? The Harry Potter Studios Tour might not be the first attraction that comes to mind, but it’s definitely one that you should consider adding to your must-see list. From actual movie sets and props to the magic of special effects, there’s no shortage of amazing things to see. And you […]


Train trips that’ll keep you coming back for more: Western Europe

When I first set off for Europe I had little idea what to expect. I picked up a Eurail Global Pass, found a cheap flight to Hungary, and meandered around the continent for three months. On that train trip, I ticked off dozens of tourist hotspots, major cities and small towns in western Europe. Three […]


Prague: Dining tips to help you save and eat well

The Czech Republic has become one of the top places in Europe for dining on delicious food at a great value. Specifically, the two largest cities, Prague and Brno, both offer a tasty blend of old-world and new-school restaurant options on the cheap. With a great mixture of classic Czech taverns, an abundance of authentic […]